LJN at a Glance

PT. Lintas Jaringan Nusantara, which is also known as LJN, is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company based in Indonesia. Our business was established in 2004. Besides Internet Service as the main product, LJN provides products and services for various IT needs ranging from device procurement, local configuration, hardware and software configuration, to local area network maintenance.

LJN is committed to providing the best services in the field of information and digital technology throughout the country and keeps contributing to the development of technology in Indonesia.

Internet as Main Services

As the main product, LJN internet services can be a solution for various needs, including company operations, company support facilities, public and government needs, MSMEs and professionals.

Internet Related Services

Apart from internet services, LJN also provides other related services such as network solutions, data centers, virtual private networks, IT systems and infrastructure development.

Our Advantages

Being in this business for more than fifteen years, we truly understand that high-speed internet access and stable connectivity at an affordable price are the keys to success. We keep our service availability up to 99.9% by utilizing our infrastructure optimally and combining it with the infrastructure of all our partners as a backup scenario without charging additional costs to our customers.

  • Last mile capacity up to 100G
  • Service Level Agreement 99.9%






IT Solutions

Internet Solutions

The best internet service with the best price to support all your online activity!

Datacenter Solutions

Reliable server solution with high uptime and stable connection!

IT Solutions

Various IT-based innovations and solutions to improve your business operations.

Conectivity Solutions

Cross-area connectivity solutions to connect all your business locations anywhere.

Why Choose Us


Our technical team of NOC and Field Operations will keep maintaining our network performance, so you can rest assured and focus on the main business.


We deliver 1:1 of Committed Internet Rate and Bandwidth Ratio between download and upload speeds so that our customers can enjoy services according to expectations.


We guarantee full internet access without usage limitations (Fair Usage Policy / FUP) and other limitations that require you to pay additional fees.


With the PRTG system, we encourage customers to monitor network usage independently to ensure the services provided are appropriate.

SLA 99.9%

The highest guarantee for world-class uptime coupled with redundant links that cover each POP/BTS with each other guarantees network availability of up to 99.9%!


We guarantee a faster response with the presence of our branch offices in more than 100 cities throughout Indonesia.

Wide Coverage Area

We cover many big cities and remote areas in Indonesia to meet the needs of the entire community for good quality internet access, and still continue to grow wider!

Our Clients & Partners

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