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We are a company engaged in the One Stop IT Solution sector. Founded in 2013, we offer total solutions for IT needs, including Internet Service Provider (ISP), Datacenter, Cloud, Web Development, Network Security and Network Configuration services.

Apart from the main products we offer, we are also very experienced at handling projects such as Procurement of Communication Systems and Infrastructure (VoIP, over PABX), Building/Industrial Access and Security Systems, such as Visitor Management Systems, Access Control, Surveillance Cameras (CCTV/IPCam), and Alarms.

Our Vision and Mission

The company’s vision and mission are the basis of our development so that we remain consistent on the main goal and not lose direction.


Build the backbone of an internet network that can support the development of digital technology in all corners of the country.



Providing access to digital information for people throughout the country.

Building partnerships with local communities as intermediaries to increase the potential of a community.

Providing the best prices and services for all entrepreneurs and business entities throughout the country.

Become a government partner in supporting the development of digital technology throughout the country.

Our Journey

We have gone through a long journey full of experience before we get to this stage. Starting from a small team, our human resources continued to grow until now we have many experts within the company. Year after year we experience significant improvements. Our service area is getting wider, and the number of our service offices is increasing to be closer to serving all our users in Indonesia.


XCited Internet Cafe

  • We started our business from an internet cafe which was founded in 2004 in Pademangan, North Jakarta. Then, in 2007, the internet cafe was developed into 3 branches.

Cyber Media Pratama

  • We are start to build wireless infrastructure for connectivity between internet cafes. Since there was quite a lot of demand for internet access, in 2008 we tried to develop our business with the Community Internet concept

PT. Lintas Jaringan Nusantara

  • PT. Lintas Jaringan Nusantara was established based on Deed of Establishment No. 281 dated 23 May 2013 by Notary Dede Tresnawati, SH.

ISP Operation License

  • The ISP Operation License for PT Lintas Jaringan Nusantara was issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information No 1158 of 2016

ISP Catalog Contract No.80 of 2019

  • We have more than 100 service offices in all districts in Indonesia that are ready to deliver our best service.
2022 – Present
Continue to scale up, develop more products and services, maintain the best quality for the satisfaction of all our customers.

Certification and Competency

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