We help you with connectivity issues between your locations / branches. We bridge data communications in almost all locations in Indonesia and even overseas.

Bridging Your Data Communications

Whoever you are, whatever your business or organization. Whether it is a company, government, non-profit organization, or even fellow internet service provider companies. We can be the best choice for you to bridge data traffic between your locations spread throughout Indonesia.

By using more than one IPTransit provider, Content Exchange, and Private Peering between ISPs, we ensure uptime from our distribution center reaches 99.9%. We have opened interconnections with almost all internet service providers in Indonesia.

International Standards Compliance

Our infrastructures, network configuration, data security, and all operations comply with international standards.

Various Connectivity Solutions


Network procurement services for high-rise buildings, offices, and factory/warehouse areas. We are very experienced at designing and configuring in-building networks such as LAN and Wifi for large buildings, including high-rise buildings.

Usage Scenario:

  • Integrate all networks in one or more large buildings into a local network to carry out local data communications such as internet sharing, printer sharing, intercom, and IoT devices integration.
  • Implementation of wifi network with multiple integrated Access Points (wifi mesh).
  • Establish an internal data center or mini data center.


Integrate data communication networks across all your branch offices and business locations into one secure private network with LJN VPN. This virtual network can be the best solution at an affordable price to meet needs such as IP-based telephone connections, internal company system integration, and data exchange between branches. Not only integrating networks within a country, it can even integrate data communication networks between locations across multiple countries.

Usage Scenario:  

  • Secure connection between Point of Sales (POS) systems at all retail outlets to the main server.
  • VoIP (IP Phone) network for internal communications between branch offices.
  • Secure the digital work environment and encrypt internal data exchanges from other parties outside the scope of the organization.


Point to point and point to multipoint network solution to connect two or more separate locations with a closed fixed network. We also provide flexible last mile options between optical cable and wireless. That way, you don’t need to worry if your destination location is not yet reached by the fiber optic network.

Usage Scenario:

  • Local loops (both intercity and intercity) for fellow ISP companies to serve customers who are not yet covered by the company’s network.
  • Network backbone for fellow ISP companies from their data center to Point of Presence (POP) or Base Transceiver Station (BTS).
  • Companies that need point to point and point to multi-point connections to connect their locations, either within one city or between cities.

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