Reliable and stable high speed internet access service. Supported by a network spread across more than 100 cities in Indonesia. Combined with the support of our professional and experienced technical support team, we are ready to provide optimal service to all our service users.

End-to-End Redundant Network

In order to ensure stable service and maximum uptime, LJN implements a comprehensive network redundancy system, starting from the distribution center to the PoP (Point of Presence) and from the PoP to the end user.

By using more than one IPTransit provider, Content Exchange, and Private Peering between ISPs, we ensure uptime from our distribution center reaches 99.9%. Apart from that, we also design the network topology between our PoPs to support each other in order to minimize the risk of service interruption to our users/customers.

International Standards Compliance

Our infrastructures, network configuration, data security, and all operations comply with international standards.

Upstreams & Content Exchanges

Flexible Last Mile Delivery Options

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic technology is the most appropriate choice for internet needs in urban areas, residential areas, industrial areas, or any area that is covered by a fiber optic cable network. Its large bandwidth capacity makes the data transmission process fast, reaching gigabits/second.

The degradation signal is also smaller compared to other technologies, so it is not affected by electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies because it is made of pure glass and plastic.

If your location is already covered by optical cable network, then your main choice is fiber optic technology. LJN fiber optic internet service with wireless link as an optional backup plan could be a great choice for you.

Wireless Communication

Wireless technology is an alternative choice if your location is not covered by a fiber optic network. Wireless technology has the advantage of being able to reach remote areas that cannot be reached by fiber optic networks.

Even though wireless radio does not have the bandwidth capacity of a fiber optic cable, the latest wireless technology allows wireless radio to carry bandwidth with a capacity of up to 1Gbps. As long as the transmitting BTS is supported by fiber optics as the backbone, the quality obtained will not be much worse than fiber optics.

We ensure that all of our Wireless BTS are supported by fiber optics as the main backbone and backup plan, plus wireless as a second backup layer.

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