One Stop IT Solution Services

Various digital technology-based solutions for individuals, MSME businesses, companies, or agencies. All kinds of IT Solution Services, such as the procurement of Surveillance Systems (CCTV), Attendance Systems, Access Control, GPS Tracking, VoIP, and other IT-based business solutions.

Reasons for Using IT Solutions

IT solutions overcome many problems that can affect the performance of a company. Things that were previously handled conventionally can be resolved more quickly and easily with IT Solutions. This helps drive business growth by enabling companies to use technology to achieve their goals. Here are some of the benefits that IT solutions can provide for a company:

Streamline Workflow

IT solutions help streamline workflows, which in some business processes can be very complicated and time-consuming. Some examples include data entry, multi-level approvals, sales-to-billing processes. If these things are done using conventional methods, it would take a very long time and decrease company productivity.

Reduces operational costs

Using IT solutions, such as cloud-based services, helps organizations reduce or eliminate the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining the hardware and software necessary to operate their business.

Asset Monitoring

IT solutions help companies monitor the existence and condition of company assets, live and online! Be it stationary assets with Surveillance Cameras or moving assets with GPS Tracking.

Enhances data security

The company’s important data and digital assets will be very detrimental if they can be accessed by irresponsible parties. Whether it is misused or exploited by competitors. Therefore, cyber security solutions can effectively protect a company’s IT infrastructure and digital assets.

Better Storage Systems

Companies can replace outdated systems with cloud-based storage solutions that are more reliable and cost effective. Cloud-based storage also allows all employees to access and carry out data transactions from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Many tasks can be done remotely.

Improves Performance and Productivity

Using internet-based communication services and collaboration software that IT solutions companies provide can improve the performance of team members and increase the company’s overall productivity.

IT Solutions We Provide

Storage Server

LJN Storage Server offers efficient and security solutions for your company’s archives and files. This service allows users to store, process, receive, and send various data through a certain protocol. It can be accessed anywhere with guaranteed security.

Surveillance Camera

Security cameras act as a strong deterrent in helping your security staff to keep away from any activities of theft, vandalism, or break-ins. Tighten the security of your company environment and assets with the help of surveillance cameras.

Attendance & Access Control

Manage employee absences while limiting access to crucial areas within your company with an Access Control System. This system can be integrated with any Employee Attendance System / HR Management System.

CRM & Accounting System

Manage your company’s sales pipeline and invoicing process efficiently, quickly and easily by using our CRM & Accounting System. Your sales team will process their pipeline more quickly from prospects to sales and continue with the billing process.

Inventory Management

Tired with recording the movement of goods in your warehouse manually? Then try our Inventory Management System! This system helps you record the movement of goods and calculate the number of goods throughout your warehouse and stores.

GPS Tracking System

If your business has a lot of moving assets such as vehicles, heavy equipment, even cargo vessels, then a GPS Tracking System is necessary for you. IT will track the whereabouts of your moving assets, as well as monitor other aspects like fuel levels.

IT Managed Service

A professional outsourcing service that supports a company in managing and maintaining the company’s internal IT infrastructures and systems. Leave all your IT things in your company to us and you can focus on product development and marketing.

Engineer on Site (EoS)

Different from Managed Service, which offers remote support, scheduled visits and urgent visits. EoS Services places technicians / IT Engineers at your location constantly during working days and hours. You can still develop your own IT department, with more competent human resources.

VoIP, Email & Workspace

Consult and entrust your VoIP, Email, and Digital Workspace needs for your company to us. There are various options available to suit your budget and company needs. Either use Google Working Space or other alternatives such as Zimbra with lower costs.

International Standards Compliance

Our infrastructures, configuration, data security, and all operation standards comply with international standards.

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