Reader Question:

A day or two ago we continued a romantic date with somebody who is actually 24 months more youthful than me personally from an online dating website. All of our date lasted four hours therefore we had a good time. After the date, the guy recommended that subsequent weekend he would need to hang out as well as wanted to go me personally residence. But i’m going crazy reasoning he isn’t into myself because the guy does not message me personally on Facebook or about dating website as much today.

Is he only getting timid and maintaining it cool, or must I overlook him entirely?

-Corrine (Uk Columbia)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

The response is most likely certainly to all of the questions you have. Its only been several days, Corrine. I would be much more concerned about a cling-on who phone calls soon after the big date.

You will need to consist of yourself and discover what unfolds before making predictions concerning future. And indeed, one method to containing yourself is to disregard him completely while focusing your own attention somewhere else.

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